Aug 13, 2023

A Heavy Session On This Unfriendly Rail Is Not For The Faint of Heart (Video)

Imagine rolling up to this rail and stepping to it without a single thought. Most people don't just session spots like this, but as we all know, Leo Romero is not "most people."

The 5050 and Smith grind would've been more than enough, and for whatever reason, the Smith seems a little less terrifying. Something about Smith grinds on high rails/ledges...I don't know. But the frontside five-0 is just bonkers.

Scary stuff, to say the least, Leo is constantly conquering spots that offer more than a bit of that oddly addicting fear factor. But when you look closely, this spot is sort of perfect (as far as sketchy loading dock rails are concerned).

To the untrained eye, you might think that little bump would make tricks on this thing easier, but you'd be sorely mistaken. It might provide a tiny bit of extra pop, but that's not always a good thing. You have to switch up your technique and test the waters in an entirely new way.

But Leo doesn't care.

One, two, three clips later and it's just another notch in his belt; another beast conquered and another handful of clips secured. All in a days work! Were there a few close calls? Of course, but that's all just part of it.

He closes the curtain with his signature post-clip flatground trick and boom—sesh over.

Video / @leoromero @goombaslayer

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