Aug 18, 2023

This Guy's Naked Rail Slide at the Munich River Wave Went Horribly Wrong

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Sometimes, there can be a little too much party in the party. And things go sideways. If you haven’t seen this clip making the rounds, now’s your chance. During a recent nighttime gathering at Germany’s Eisbach wave in Munich, a brave, naked surfer goes for a rail grind next to the wave. If he would have landed and surfed out of it, hero status is likely achieved. But he didn’t, and it looks as though his nether regions took the brunt of the fall, making for pure viral content.

The Eisbach is one of the oldest river surfing scenes in existence. The place and the wave have become synonymous with alternative wave riding. But this image probably won’t go down in history as one of that scene’s proudest moments. Or, maybe it will?